House History

  • built in 1914
  • style: frame vernacular with Bungalow influence
  • builder: E.F. Rainey (he built another 3 houses in the neighborhood; of the 4 he built, 3 are still standing)
Both houses to the left of ours were built by the same builder/architect in the same year.

Occupants (not necessarily owners)

1915 - 1917 Henry Stukenberg and his wife Emma. Mr. Henry worked as foreman for the Wright, Barrel & Coal Company.

1918 Mrs E V Landrum (widow)

1919 - 1920 Edward L Farris and his wife Matillie. Mr Farris was first a buyer, then a salesman for Kohn-Furchgott Co., a General Department Store on Bay, Main and Forsythe.

1921 - 1922 Ricardo Trevino. Looks like at some point our house housed a refugee. Contact was the Mexican Consulate #303 Clark building.

1923 I Kimbell Hicks, a physician whose practice was at 112 Julia St.

1924 -1926 Louis C McCormick and his wife Nellie M. Mr McCormick was an attorney-at-law. In 1926, only Mrs Nellie McCormick is listed at this addressn so it appears that Mr McCormick passed away that year.

1927-1932 Grover E. Prevatt and his wife Minnie B. Mr Prevatt first worked for Jacksonville Rosin Co. as buyer and later as traveling representative.

1933 - 1934 Henry C Harper and his wife Sarah B. Mr Harper worked as a clerk for Merchants & Miners Trans Co.

1935 Unfortunately the city directory for this year is missing ... grumph

1936 First year that 2 families are listed for this address: the single family house is converted to a Duplex. Lawrence B Brown and Ann Van Ness and John T Maylott and his wife Louise B. are the occupants.

1937 Lawrence B Brown and his wife Anne who seemed to have gotten married and John T Maylott and his wife Louise B. are still the occupants

1938 Much happens during the past year: John Maylott and his wife move out and Lawrence B Brown passes away leaving Mrs Anne V Brown as the sole occupant. She works as a librarian at the Jacksonville Public Library.

1939  Jason T Reid and his wife Lerah. Mr Reid worked as a brakeman. A brakeman is a railroad employee responsible for a train's brakes.

1940 William E Andre moves in for a short while while working as a laboratory manager for Eastman Kodak Stores Inc.

1941-1966 Meet the Parnells: Charles H Parnell and his wife May (also spelled Mae) moved in and stayed quite a while. Mr Parnell worked as a salesman for the Morgan Department store and appears to have passed away in 1959. His widow, Mrs Mae, remained at the same address until 1966.

1967 Henry and Bertha Strickland become the owners of the little old house.

1967 - 1970: The Stricklands move in: Henry Wesley Strickland and his wife Bertha. Henry Strickland is the owner of H&H Fruit & Produce, together with his brother Henry who lives at 1450 E 8th St with his wife Hazel

1970 Mrs Bertha M Strickland is listed as the sole tenant in the Ugly Duckling. She made a living as waitress at Minnie Pearl's Chicken.

1971 This is the year the Ugly Duckling is listed as a Duplex. Downstairs we find Mrs Bertha Babcock, who worked as a snackbar clerk at St Luke's Hospital, and upstairs lived Mrs Mary J Wise, a clerk for the Greyhound Bus line. Mrs Bertha Babcock, it turns out after further research, is identical to Mrs Bertha Strickland. She got divorced from Mr. Strickland in 1970 and stayed at the house.

1972 Mrs Bertha Babcock lived downstairs during the year I was born. Upstairs tennants change and Mr Edward Chaplin and his wife Doris move in.

1973-1974 Mrs Bertha Babcock remains in the downstairs apartment and upstairs we have a new tennant again: Mr Roger Linker and his wife Jeanne.

1975 - 1984 Mrs Bertha Babcock continues to live downstairs which makes me think she might have been the owner subletting the other half of the house to support herself. I'll look into that. 1975, upstairs is vacant. From 1976 - 1977, we have a new tenant upstairs: Ching Chiange (also spelled Chen Yin-Chiang) who works as an assistant dietitian at St Luke's Hospital.

1979 - 1981 Charles A Goldy and his wife Margret move into the upstairs apartment and stay for 3 years.

1983 Upstairs is listed as vacant. No information is available for the downstairs apartment.

1984 The house has new owners: Mrs. Bertha Babcock (x1998) sells the house to Joel T Clark and his wife Patricia.

1986 - 1989 Mrs Linda J Thomas moves in and stays for a while.

1990 The city directory is not available

1991-1992 The Ugly Duckling is back to serving as a Duplex with 2 rental apartments: downstairs is listed as vacant and upstairs we find Mrs Marcia Smith.

1993 - 1995 Downstairs we find Mrs Mary M. Balden and upstairs Mrs Rivia M Thomas.

1996 These more recent entries are somewhat confusing. Downstairs is rented to Mrs Mary M Bolden (who is most likely the same person as Mrs Mary M Balden) and the upstairs apartment is home to Mrs Vena M Thomas who may or may not be the same person as Mrs Rivia M Thomas.

1997/1998 One city directory for both years: Downstairs is listed as "not verified" and the upstairs is rented to Mr Robert L Thomas Jr.

1999 City directory not available

2000 The Ugly Duckling is listed as "not verified - how weird!

2001 City Directory is not available (it's slowly starting to become apparent that researching earlier history is easier and more rewarding than digging through more recent history)

2002 No entry

2006 The Clarks sell the Ugly Duckling to K. Pope.

2010 The Ugly Duckling goes into foreclosure and is listed for sale as REO in summer 2010.

2011 The Gibbons family acquires the little old house. On January 28th, 2011 we finally close on the Ugly Duckling.