Renovation Masterplan

    Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan

    Here's the down and dirty list of renovation projects for our Ugly Duckling:

    Downstairs we're going to
    • update/repair plumbing in entire house [check!]
    • update/repair electricity in entire house [check!]
    • replace hvac system [check!]
    • repair damaged trim/molding where necessary in entire house [check!]
    • make roof repairs as needed [check!]
    • scrub entire house to within an inch of its life [in-progress in perpetuity]
    • turn downstairs full bath into half bath [check!]
    • take space from downstairs bath and add to mudroom for laundry space [check!]
    • tile mudroom/laundry room [check!]
    • demo kitchen [check!]
    • salvage hardwood floors underneath linoleum or lay tile [check!]
    • install kitchen cabinets [check!]
    • install appliances [check!]
    • open wall to staircase (remember, the Ugly Duckling is currently chopped up into a downstairs and an upstairs apartment) to create a single-family home [check!]
    • open wall between entry hall and living room [check!]
    • refinish all downstairs wood floors [check!]
    • re-open fireplace and insert vent-less fire place insert [check!]
    • paint fireplace brick  [check!]
    • paint downstairs, walls and ceilings and trim[in-progress]
    • update light fixtures [check!]

    Upstairs we want to
    • refinish stairs [in-progress]
    • remove linoleum on landing and upstairs hallway and repair or lay new floors [check!]
    • get proper door for closet to heat pump [check!]
    • re-caulk tub in upstairs bathroom [check!]
    • refinish wood floors upstairs [check!]
    • turn upstairs kitchen into Master bath and walk-in closet by building a wall and creating two rooms out of the existing upstairs kitchen [check!]
    • update plumbing for future Master bath [check!]
    • lay tile in Master bath [check!]
    • install bathroom fixtures [check!]
    • turn secondary hallway into 2 hall closet (this will make sense once I show you the floor plans) [in-progress]
    • paint upstairs, walls and ceilings and trim [in-progress]
    • update light fixtures [in-progress]

    Outside we'd love to
    • install a fence with arbor and gate for the front yard
    • update the landscaping [in-progress]
    • move the original door to its historically correct location [requested contractor bid]
    • paint the window frames and the big original door white [check!]
    • paint the entry door red [check!]
    • install a deck or patio with a pergola in the back yard
    • paint the house [requested contractor bid]
    And some time down the line we'd really like to
    • add batten and board or wainscoting to some rooms (like the dining room, for example)
    • rip out the linen closet in the upstairs bath
    • move the door of the upstairs bath one wall over (those two steps will make the hall bathroom much bigger)
    • replace tub with a big walk-in shower with a glass enclosure
    • install all new wood sash windows
    • replace the chain link fence in the back yard with something prettier
    • paint the entire house a new fresh color
    • get rid of the old tank on the right side of the house
    • redo downstair's half bath
    • restore the old staircase to former glory
    • install interior french door between living room and entry hall (maybe)