Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wild Waters

We were off for a family vacation - cause of the Great Big Silence here at Little Old House - and made it home just in time to get poured on by Tropical Storm "Debbie." While we got off easy when Tropical Storm Beryl swung by for a visit, this time we got our fair share of trouble, mostly in the form of water.

Lots and lots of it.

This is TS Debbie's debut on TV. You can see how the lovely outer bands are headed right for North-East of Florida and thus, Jacksonville. Everything that's yellow and orange? That's water rain. And since Debbie twirled on the spot shuffling her feet like a little shy wallflower we got lots LOTS of it for a very VERY long time.

Fortunately, our house is on stilts ...err, piers, and we're far off of any kind of creek, brook, pond and other body of water so we came through it mostly unscathed and with just one puppy potty accident. In other areas, even in our neighborhood, things were knee-deep in water. One neighbor even got to kayak through our 'hood - how crazy is that?!

Here at the Ugly Duckling, things weren't quite so bad.

There was standing water in the back yard and a pool full to overflowing (Don't mind the gallon jug; it's a weight for the pool cover).

Lots of standing water in the front yard turning the side alley between our neighbor's house and ours into a gushing stream spilling onto the sidewalk.

A flooded sidewalk and a lazy river in the street.


24 hours later though?
Like nothing had ever happened.

At least one thing Florida's sandy soil is good for ...

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