Friday, September 28, 2012

Cricket Chirp

Boy, oh, boy!
A whole month of nothing but cricket chirps and cob webs on this blog.
I feel sadly pathetic.

Behind the scenes at the Ugly Duckling have been quite tumultuous: crazy work, my Dad went in for surgery and rehab and chemo, my sister had a baby (a beautiful little boy!) and an emergency dnc just a week later, my parents are moving, we have kittens, school started again, work's been kicking my butt, everybody around me seems to be going stir crazy over the election and I've been battling a rather persnickety and persistent case of the sniffles for the past three weeks now.

It's been one hell of a ride, I'm telling you.

I've been escaping into painting beautiful medieval illumination and baking cakes while trying to stay on top of basic maintenance. For more I just didn't have the energy, and just from looking around at some of my favorite blogs to read, that symptom has been going around a bit. Hopefully things will perk up a bit soon. After all, my favorite time of the year is here with its string of happy holidays. Life's GOT to return to normal at some point, no?

Anyways, there's stuff happening at the Ugly Duckling and I'll try to sit down, scrape whatever brain cells I have left together and keep'em corralled long enough to type up a post or two to share with you.

Here's hoping all is well with you and your loved ones!

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