Monday, August 6, 2012

A drop of sunshine

We've had these plastic garden chairs for forever. I don't even remember when we picked them up. Over at our old apartment on Silver Street we kept them in the backyard and there we almost forgot about them when we discovered that the shaded backyard hosted more mosquitos than the Everglades and you could only stay as long as you either didn't stick out of the pool for too much or didn't sweat off the bug spray.

They are still going strong and we have arranged them around our firepit for Smores nights without having to reshuffle backyard furniture. They were, however, a little drab and looked a bit worn.

Nothing a little spray paint couldn't fix!
Madly in love with the blooms of my Hibiscus plants I picked up a can of glossy red during my next trip to the orange box and went to town.
Oh boy!

The color was lovely. No, really! A bright, glossy red, cheerful and vibrant.
Just .... every time I peeked into the yard , all I saw was ...
I checked on my tomatoes and instead I saw ...
Little Man was splashing in the pool and ...
You get the idea.

Back to the drawing board, or rather the orange box store to pick up a new color. Summer squash, while difficult to grow (bloody bugs), sounded like a better color. I like yellow, there was a bit of yellow in the new cushions and yellow, even when vibrant, tends to be a friendly, happy color and less "in yo' face, Mama!".

So, summer squash yellow it was!

First off, Rust-oleum's Ultra Cover is -the- bomb.
The above picture was taken after the first coat, so you can see how fabulous the coverage is.
Glossy apple red didn't stand a chance!

Ahhh, peace for my eyes! I'm loving the new color.

The color is bright - especially when the sun shines - but it does look way more natural against the greens and brown of the plant backdrop.

The chairs, once again, look brand new and add a pop of bright color to a mostly green corner of my yard. They look great next to my Hibiscus without claiming all of the attention. Love love lot them!


  1. How many cans of the yellow did it take to paint the three chairs?

    1. Hey! I used one can per regular sized chair and maybe about half a can for the little chair. Hope this helps!