Monday, November 15, 2010

Between naps: quick ottoman slipcover

Sometime earlier this year I hitched a ride on the crazy drop cloth train. I made drop cloth curtains for the living room, drop cloth faux roman shades for my little man and reupholstered my rocking chair and its ottoman with left over bits of drop cloth. I'm lovin' it! I'm really digging the neutral oatmeal color and the texture and my frugal heart beats a bit faster over the little price tag.
I just wish it were dirt and stain repelling *sigh*

Two boys and a cat can wreak havoc quickly on light colored fabrics and while window treatments are safe from them my little ottoman wasn't. For a moment I was going to reupholster it with a fresh piece of drop cloth - I was already armed with the staple gun - when I decided to whip out the sewing machine and give a slipcover a try.

I cut out one squarish piece for the top and a long narrow piece for the apron, then decided I didn't like it -that- plain and added a ruffle for a bit of understated cuteness (not too much - I'm not a frilly kind of girl, really).

Before: little rocking ottoman complete with hot chocolate, green play dough and other assorted nasty stains ... yuck!

After: All dressed up in her brand-new slipcover that can be taken off and thrown into the washing machine !! Woot!

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