Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blogging's what it's all about

Shortly into our quest for a home of our own we realized that watching HGTV doesn't really (unfortunately) prepare you for the crazy world of house-hunting home-buying realities.

Nuh-uh, it doesn't.

While I still love to watch HGTV's house-hunting shows I must say that our experience so far has been quite unlike anything we've seen on the screen: a seller's response in as little time as it takes you to finish your latte? I don't think so. The horror of having to wait 24 hours? Try waiting a week! Or two! Ugh!

Either way, recording our adventures in the real estate jungle for posterity (and our family's amusement) sounded like a fun idea. Plus, it'd keep me busy and distracted while having to wait for the slo-mo response of a seller's bank, for example.

Busy is good.
Can't get into trouble when busy.

Right! Sign me up!

Now, between family, work, home, Cub Scouts, househunting and upcoming holidays I'm not so sure how much time I can dedicate to updating daily. That probably isn't gonna happen, probably being the magic word.

So I thought about aiming for 3 posts a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That's not saying there won't ever be Tuesday posts, Thursday rants or Sunday musings but I'm really not one for making promises I can't keep. Once this whole thing gains momentum or even achieves bad habit status, frequency might change but in the beginning I'd rather keep it low profile. What do you think?

Worth a shot?

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