Friday, February 24, 2012

Quicky curtain tune-up

While most people seem to leave their master bedroom for last, we started working on it fairly early into our whole renovation of the Ugly Duckling, installing batten and board (here, here and here), giving it a fresh coat of paint and shortly after moving in, adding curtains for a more finished look (here).

That doesn't mean the room is done, but it was cute and cozy and we are still loving it.

There was just something about the curtains that needed fixing. You see, I like it when curtains puddle on the floor. Not a lot - not a heaping pile of a puddle - but a little puddle hinting at a just a bit more fabric than necessary.

Our bedroom curtains, however, were puddling just a bit too much which made them look messy and unfinished, not to mention having to squat down to tidy them up every time we opened and closed them. And we do that a lot, well, at least for the one window that is in direct line of sight with our backyard neighbors.

Two words:
Liiiight Shoooow. (Or Peep show - pick one)

With the husband having to work, Little Man busy creating fantastic Lego creations and the laundry battled successfully, I decided it was now or never to hem this unruly lot of curtains.

[Before: You see the puddly mess?]

I straightened them allowing the curtain fabric to fall flush against the floor before easing the fabric out along the floor and then snipped along the line which - with a half inch allowance for the seam tape - would make the curtain touch the floor.

[In-Progress: Not my fabric scissors but they are sharp!]

I then ironed on the hemming tape

peeled off the protective paper covering

folded over once and ironed it to bond the fabric to the hemming tape.


[In-Progress: Curtain on the right has been hemmed to its new length;
curtain on the left is still the original length. See how differently they drape?]

Rinse and repeat for two curtains each on three windows (well, two. One is a door disguising as a window. Remember?)

So much better. I can now open and close the curtains without spending any time arranging the train on the floor. Makes you wonder why I waited this long ...

Sure, I want to get blinds (match stick or bamboo or similar) if I can find the proper length at a decent. Our original windows are an odd size and rather tall and the standard sizes are usually about 10 inches too short. Then again, the cats would love the peekaboo feature by the window sill, I'm sure.

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