Thursday, August 9, 2012


Alright, I'm done waiting for nicer weather to take better pictures. It's been overcast and dreary for most of the day all week long with gushing rains in the afternoon and while I'm not big into photoshopping, staging, white-balancing and otherwise prepping photos (as you may have noticed) and tend to serve them straight from the camera, this weather has been a real downer.

Our Ugly Duckling is lots, but it is -not- dark, it's not gloomy and it's a shame when your pictures make it look like it is. Bah!

Anyways, this will have to do. And since it's - of course- not completely done, there should be better pictures in the future.

I - hold on to your hats - repainted the master bedroom.
No kidding.

This is what it looked like before:
[Oh lovely teal, how I adore you ...]

Lovely lovely teal above a crisp white batten and board - we loved it. Unfortunately, it didn't flow. Our master suite wasn't 'sweet' and bedroom, dressing room and bathroom didn't come together as a unit but always struck me as a collection of adjacent rooms. I rambled about it in more detail here.
There's even a mood board so you can see where I was hoping to take the rooms, bit by bit.

The husband wasn't at all convinced - Getting rid of our lovely teal? - especially when I told him I was planning on going all Southern on the room and giving it a light turquoise ceiling, just like the porches you see here in the south.

God bless his heart, he indulged me and let me have my way, so one weekend I broke out the paint brushes and rollers and got'er done!

[After: Our bedroom gone south]

I carried over the same beige "Cultural Colonial Beige" that I'd already used in both the dressing room and the master bathroom for continuity. It's really a sweet beige, more an off-white, and much less yellow and with a soft greyish tint to it than it appears in the pictures.

The ceiling I painted a pale robin's egg blue. I wasn't quite sold on it at first and really, I was worried that the ceiling would appear lower than it is, but 'lo and behold, I'm loving it and man, does it give the room height. If you ever wondered how much of that "let the eye travel to make things bigger/taller/etc." - it is SO very true.

Our whole bedroom feels so light and airy and more open, I'm so glad I made the switch. The husband is just as enamored with the new look! For the win!

I discovered these lamp bases and shades at the blue box and picked them up for a steal. They are taller than our old lamps (heh ...there was really no way you could go shorter, really) and they work so much better in scale and looks.

Then the gods were especially generous and allowed an 75% off Sale coincide with a nicely padded home decor budget and - Tada! - I managed to pick up this chevron rug at Rugs USA in the 8x10 size for a whopping $80. Perfect! It's fun and funky and will hold up nicely to our Zoo and the occasional drywall dust.

Yep, I'm loving it! There is, of course, the issue of a new headboard, new bedding, painted doors, and crown molding, but we are really digging our new nest. How about you? Have you re-nested lately?

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