Friday, March 22, 2013

Three of Three: Laundry Room - The adventure continues!

With the cabinets all glossy white and be-knobbed aka outfitted with hardware, it was time to move on to the next part of the To-paint list: part of the wall and the door to the backyard.

Our laundry/mudroom was originally a small back porch. At some point in the life of our little old house it was closed in. Even later (or should that be 'more recently'?) it was fashioned into a full bathroom for the downstair's apartment, and when we moved in we turned it back into a laundry/mudroom since we needed a room for our washer and dryer. We also added a new full bath upstairs and kept part of the former downstair's bathroom as the world's smallest half bath, so we wouldn't end up missing on functioning bathrooms.

In total our little old house is a single-family home with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths over 2,184 sqft. Not so little, not so old, but ours all the same!

That the laundry-mudroom of our house was once part of the outside becomes super obvious when you see the part of the wall that still sports the exterior siding. After ripping out the old bathroom's tile and painting the new drywall with the same sweet yellow paint we used in the kitchen, the grey siding and door stuck out like a sore thumb.

Since I actually love the look of the siding - people keep putting paneled walls in all the time - and the reminder of what this area used to be before it was closed in, I decided to just paint both wall and door to make them tie into the rest of the room.

So here I am, priming the wall (and ready to tackle the door next) after scrubbing everything down and giving it a quick sanding.
Even with just the part of the wall primed, the whole room is starting to look bigger and brighter (other than the window in the door there is no window in my laundry room). I figure by the time I'm done, the room will have about doubled in size ;o)


  1. I like that tiny window, so cute!

    1. It's really clever ;) Somebody just cut out a panel of the 6-panel door and replaced it with glass. Of course they didn't consider that one of the cross braces of the screen door outside would line up dead center of the itty-bitty window - gotta fix that at some point.