Friday, March 15, 2013

Mission Cabinets: Day 2

New day, new luck!
On day 2 I started with vacuuming the laundry room to remove all of the sawdust I'd created by giving the doors and frame a thorough sanding.

Some people swear that using Deglosser is enough to get going on repainting but unfortunately I have seen Deglosser fail spectacularly, and while a short-cut would be nice, the past two years of DIY have taught me that there isn't one, really. At least not one that isn't also temporary.

I also added a make-shift countertop to this area holding our beer fridge by simply screwing a board I had on hand to the top. It fit perfectly, and will give me a place to put things when folding laundry. In a pinch it can even serve as a staging area for outdoor eating when we fire up the grill (Soon! Very soon!).

See the box on the wall? That's our electric tankless water heater, and it ROCKS! Not very pretty to look at (and I have ideas about covering up that area) but so much smaller than a standard water heater and endless hot hot water.

Then I finally broke out the primer!

Even with the splotchy-looking coat of primer on the doors and cabinet frame, our small laundry/mudroom is already looking brighter and much more open. The cabinets visually recede and are no longer "in yo face!" with their glossy oak-y-ness.

Getting there!

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