Friday, June 21, 2013

With A Little Bit Of Luck

These guys may make an appearance at our Little Old House sometime soon (don't they look just like our dog?? Killer!)!

Hens in Jax has been pushing and making huge strides in changing local ordinances to allow backyard hens even in our downtown neighborhood and we finally have an official proposal headed for city council:

"Amending Section 656-403, subpart B, part 4:
(g) Hens shall be permitted in conjunction with a single family dwelling.  No more than 4 hens may be permitted on a lot in conjunction with a single family dwelling, unless the property is larger than one acre.  Four additional hens may be permitted per each additional 21,780 square feet in size above one acre.  Roosters shall only be permitted in AGR and RR-Acre districts.  A shelter shall be provided for any hens.  It shall be unlawful for a person to allow chickens to run at large upon streets, alleys, or other public places, or upon the property of any other person; chickens running at large within the city shall be deemed a nuisance."

Keep your fingers crossed!

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