Friday, June 28, 2013


Heat, humidity and mosquito population have skyrocketed in the last two weeks, and has turned chipping away at flaky paint on the exterior of our little old house into a slightly less pleasant task.

We have reached the eaves on the backside of the house and are gearing up for minor siding repairs, the restoration of some window trim, and lots and lots of caulking. I'll make sure to share progress and more detail on the window trim project soon, perhaps even this week (*keeps fingers crossed*).

Summerbreak with little trips here and there has begun in earnest, and Little Man is enjoying his camps.

Since it was just too hot to do much outside I decided to crank up the AC and tackle part of our upstair's landing. It may be too hot to strip the remaining stair spindles with the heat gun but I had a couple of doors and frames in mid-progress (i.e. partially stripped, sanded) and what better time to stop procrastinating and getting'er done when it's too hot to do anything else?

[A relic from the husband's bachelor days ...No, I have no explanation why it's still around]

So I cranked up the AC, turned on the music and got going. The process is the "same ol, same ol" - strip, sand, prime, patch, caulk, sand, prime and paint.

After a coat of primer and a quick spray of 'vintage brass' for the hardware

and with a first coat (of three) of sweet glossy Behr "Ultra Pure Premium White" it looks like this:

Why the prettifying inside?

Well, the inlaws are expected to arrive at our little old house in a week from now and, boy, do those visits ever generate a flurry of activity around here!


  1. To comment on the ancient relic... I LOVE it. Maybe if you do not want it around where you see it all the time, delegate it to a corner of the basement (but a guy has to have some "fun" stuff even married ones!) My guy has a full size butler with a crow on his shoulder. I push the button to hear him speak once in a while. He's funny!

  2. Your mosquito problem - Slice a lime in half and press in a good amount of cloves (perhaps 20 cloves in each half) for a natural mosquito repellent. It won't cost you much to give it a try!

  3. Hi Micha!!!

    If you want I can take the knight off your hand...We have two small ones in the house alongside our pirate collection.

    He would scare the heck of anybody who doesn't know that he's there. Great painting job!!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!!