Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Flags & Fences

This morning - like every morning, I must admit - I swung by our Ugly Duckling to wave "hello" and blow kisses after dropping off the munchkin at the school bus stop. Our little old house was flanked by a gaggle? flock? murder? pride of little orange flags fluttering merrily in the early morning breeze - the land surveyors had been over to measure the property and by tomorrow we should have the report in hand.

Huzzah for yet another step accomplished!

It was also good to see that the odd angle that the fence makes in the back is NOT the actual property line and that our backyard is indeed rectangular. Heh. It needs a prettier fence though; the chain link is a disgrace, not to mention entirely inappropriate for the historic neighborhood, even though it's grandfathered in and not visible from the street.

Hubby and I have been pondering which kind of fence to put up, especially around the front yard, and we keep going back and forth between black Aluminum fencing or a white picket fence. Let's take a look at some inspiration pictures, shall we?

Here we have aluminum fencing: while picket fencing would be more historically accurate our Historic Preservation Committee does allow this kind of fence which appears to be rather popular. It looks good with most styles of historic houses in Springfield and is definitely more of a security feature than a picket fence.

[Black Aluminum fence with arched gate by]

[Aluminum Fence style 101 by]

Now on to the picket fences! White picket fences are like the heroine in a bodice ripper: pretty, romantic and rather high maintenance. Just ask Tom Sawyer and his friends about keeping up with the paint. Picket fences would be the most accurate choice for our neighborhood from a Restoration point of view and both houses to the left of our Ugly Duckling already sport bright white picket fences in their front yard. I personally have discovered that I favor them slightly more than the Aluminum fences because they appeal to my love for all things country.

[scalloped picket fence by]

Victorian picket fence by]

It was far easier to find nice photos of picket fencing than of black Aluminum fencing but in all fairness I decided to show off two of each. I'm slightly biased toward picket fencing channeling both my history nut self and the country gal inside of my, hubby is still on the fence (heh ...).

Thoughts? Warnings?


  1. I love that black aluminum fence in the first picture. If the home is in a nice historic area (like it sounds), that fence would go perfect in helping preserve the time period.

    Vinyl isn't bad. I just don't know how well it would fit. And wood, from what I've heard, is so much of a hassle that you've got to REALLY like the way it looks to offset the amount of time maintaining it.

    And we'll be as crazy as you, driving by our house every day until closing. There's plenty of crazies like us out there!

  2. Nice to find your blog and see what you're doing from the beginning. I'm partial to the black aluminum fence. I don't have an issue with going a little off tradition. For me, a white picket fence is a little too... er, white. I like how the black fence blends into the scenery.

  3. I'm also a big fan of the black aluminum fences, and I think that fence goes perfectly in that type of setting. Thanks for sharing!

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