Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grout me tender, grout me sweet

I almost forgot! There have been things happening in the master bathroom too! Sheesh ... scatterbrained me! Then again, I might have been inhaling just a little too much drywall dust after all, who knows ...

Anyways, after the husband was done tiling the master bathroom, it was my turn to grout it.

[Armed and dangerous!]

I armed myself with knee pads, grout, a bucket, a grout float and after making sure that the grout lines were clear, I mixed up the first batch of white grout.

[It's grout!]

Mixing grout was kind of like mixing cake batter if not as much fun since you didn't get to lick the spoon clean. Frankly, grouting is also not as much fun as baking a cake. It was okay for about a third of the entire area but after that it got pretty quickly pretty old. Mosaic tile come with a LOT of grout lines, is all I'm saying.

[Grouting in progress: top left corner grouted, bottom right not yet grouted]

Once it's grouted you're still not off the hook. You need to wipe off any excess grout and then, after a while, wipe off the grout haze from all of the tile.

[Before and after haze]

With breaks it took me about 6 hours to grout the entire bathroom. Ugh! Curse you, HGTV, curse you! Giving us the impression that you could whip up an entire bathroom start to finish in a weekend. (Well, alright, so with a big crew of professionals that might be doable but for us mere mortals, we're not quite so lucky...)

[After: The tile floor in all its grouted glory]

That evening I knew I'd used my arms well. They were like wet noodles and so we took the hint and went out for dinner.

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