Monday, January 16, 2012

Gimme Grapefruit!

In our neighbor's backyard there grows a grapefruit tree producing fruit like there is no tomorrow. It's loaded with tons of big yellow grapefruit, and while the grapefruits aren't the pretty, pristine and uniform looking fruit you can find at your grocery store, they do taste the best.

This is the first time in my life that I will happily eat grapefruit.

These babies are almost as sweet as oranges, maybe a tad tarter than your usual orange and with only the slightest hint of grapefruit bitterness as an aftertaste. Simply delicious!

If you ever needed a reminder that anything that had a chance to ripen where it was growing rather than being picked green to mature in a box in transit, there you have it.

I've been searching the web for ideas on what to do with the bounty our neighbor is sharing so happily with us and aside from just squeezing one into a glass, pure and unadulterated, for a healthy drink to accompany my breakfast here are two winners:

Broiled Grapefruit (link to recipe here)
Then again, how can you go wrong with butter, sugar, cinnamon and oh, fruit? This is a great way of eating even the tartest Grapefruit!

Mulled Grapefruit Punch (link to recipe here)
This one is great for really juicy grapefruit. I managed to get two cups of juice out of 4 bigger ones and it made for a lovely drink to keep me warm on a chilly Florida winter night.

Got any other tried and true recipes using citrus?

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