Monday, January 9, 2012

Rocking the Open House: Walnut Court

Whenever I look at the first picture, I'm rendered speechless that this historic house was not only condemned and slated for demolition but that the bulldozer was waiting just down the alley. There was some serious luck involved that the contractor who won the demolition bid was able to get the right people involved and stall the demo long enough so they had a chance to pull this house back from the abyss and turn it into the first ever, legally mothballed structure in Jacksonville.

Over the past couple of weeks many volunteers pitched in countless hours pooling knowledge and resources, to clean and prepare this Ol' Lady and on Sunday, we got to celebrate! And me, I'm happy to be able to share a few impressions from the Open House:

Condemned, my ...! Walnut Court all prepped and primped and ready for the party

Preservation SOS Info table

A detail that escaped my attention the first time around: dust corners. These are little brass shapes that are nailed into the corners of each step to keep the dust from building up in the corners thus simplifying the clean up. Aren't they neat?
[I think I want some for the Ugly Duckling]

Visitors enjoying the official tour lead by Nicole Lopez, president of PSOS.

Mingling in the downstairs dining room. Opening the bay windows

flooded the rooms with light, and the layout is perfect for parties.

The buffet: cheese and dips and crackers, oh my.

Thanks to the gorgeous weather, the party spilled naturally out and onto the porch.

And you know, it felt like the house enjoyed it just as much ...

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