Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Some bloggers have already posted their New Year's resolutions, some refuse to even think about resolutions and others again might hint at them but not elaborate. Me? I'm caught somewhere in the middle when it comes to resolutions for the new year.

Sure enough, I want to eat (and feed my family) healthier, a little more exercise wouldn't hurt and I should maybe go out more often but frankly I'm a blessed little bug and my life is good. Really good.

So, do I have any other resolutions for the new year? Plans? Things I'd do different from last year?
Sure enough!

#1 - Spend more time with the husband
Make that "Spend more quality time with the husband". It's not like we don't see each other or don't do anything but we sure could use some date nights on a more regular basis. So this year for Christmas I followed this pinterest pin and presented him with a basket of 12 pre-planned and pre-paid date nights, one for each month of 2012. He was thrilled and is just as giddy about getting started. Little Man, on the other hand, is heartbroken when we told him we wouldn't take him along.
[source: SB - Find Joy in the Journey]

#2 Up my Organization
My eidetic memory certainly comes to the rescue when my organization skills are lacking but that needs to change (at least somewhat). I'd love to be a bit more organized, not just drawer-wise, you know, but be on top of sending our birthday cards, etc.

#3 Wrap'em up
After working on the house for 10 months, our DIY spirit fizzled out toward the end of 2011. We've reached a rather normal state of mind for our 'hood. It's the one where half-finished paint and/or plaster works just don't bother you. You know, we'll get there and eventually finish it. Good thing this blog makes you (or rather, us) more accountable when it comes to projects, so yes, wrapping up a few indoor projects that have been going on for way too long now is high on our list for 2012. Once the "immediate project list" has been conquered, time will be available for flourishes and extras. (Tin ceiling, beadboard, fireplace, and, and, and) Woot!

#4 Spread the love
Jacksonville is slow to changes its impression of Historic Springfield so I want to bump up the 'hood PR on my blog a bit, share a bit more about the various neighborhood groups, activities and events and just brag to my little heart's content about the world's greatest neighborhood of them all. Expect to see some more rambling about the joys of historic homes, restoration, renovation and research links and tips.

So, do you do resolutions?

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