Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No more fetch

 [Rest in peace: Buttons ~October 2011- July 2012]

Yesterday couldn't have been any worse...

Running around in the morning getting Little Man ready for Cubscout Camp this week, our world suddenly fell apart. What first seemed like a case of "The Hairball of Doom" turned into seizures and convulsions within moments. We rushed Buttons aka Ms Mittens to the vet but before we got there, in less than twenty minutes from noticing something wasn't quite right to the tragic end, she had crossed the rainbow bridge.

She is gone.

The kitten who loved to rough-house with the dog.
The kitten who left toys in front of the dog's crate to comfort him.
The kitten who had set aside a special beard-rub to greet the husband.
The kitten who would sleep on her back curved around my should each and every night, and who greeted each morning with the happy exuberance of an energized toddler.

We miss her so much.

And we wonder if that's why God sent along Ferbie, our porch cat, and her kittens so we would be comforted when he took back the kitten that played "Fetch!" better than any dog.

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