Friday, July 6, 2012

A Summer wreath

Looking through the 1000+ photos I downloaded from my camera the other night, I realized there are pictures of stuff on there I haven't talked about here at Little Old House.

Online house journal FAIL.

Here's me, playing catch up with and for you.

Our front door wreath changes with the season (click here for an example). It had sported pink, black and white patterned hearts for an embarrassingly long time and a change was long overdue. So at the end of a trip to the craft store I made sure to pick up a few items to change its look to summer.

Some burlap trim, a box of starfish and a napkin ring looking like a sailor's knot later I had all my ingredients for my summer make-over. Thanks to a coupon the whole loot came in at less than $5.

Stripping off everything but the big white 'G' (it's the first initial of our family name) I had a blank slate.

Voila! A quick and easy fix to bring summer to my front door! I added a sprig of faux fern for a pop of green but love the simple natural look of brown and white against the red backdrop of the door.

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