Thursday, July 12, 2012

Make way, make way!

Lately - despite the summer heat, high humidity and pesky mosquitos - I've been feeling rather outdoorsy and needed to nurse my inner gardener. I don't have a green thumb per se, but I do enjoy digging in the dirt, planting and pruning and the challenge of experimenting with plants to find the one, the few who are able to thrive in what we consider "soil' here in Florida.

While I definitely appreciate a lush lawn, it's the one thing that comes at too high a price for us here in the Sunshine State. In order to keep your lawn lush and green and alive, you have to battle a fight to the death, constantely, and on all fronts. From bugs to drought to weeds, a nicely maintained lawn is always under attack. Bare dirt, however, just sucks. Pondering and exploring alternatives of groundcovers such as lowgrowing thymes and perennial peanut didn't really yield the results we were looking for either. Add to that the added difficulty of having to have a walkway cutting right across the front yard so we can get to the backyard gate and our trash cans, a significant drip line along the same line where nothing growns, not even Florida's hardy weeds, and a part-shade, shade setting and you're in for a real brain twister.

After tackling the sunny part of our front yard (read about it here) and really, really loving the black mulch, I decided to follow the same idea over on the other side.

I bought some more no-dig edging (LOOOOVE the stuff) to create the pathway, wide enough to walk and roll the trash can in and out comfortably (Yes, I did take them for a test drive to make sure it'd work). I've used that edging before and it works beautifully. No digging trenches - just lay down and stake into place. Very gratifying, I'm tellin' you.

I covered the planting area with the lovely lovely black mulch, and added two more plants I hope will do well in their new spot: pink calladiums.

There's definitely a pink 'thang' happening in my front yard right now, but even the husband likes it.

Here's another favorite of mine, happily thriving in a sunny spot of the front yard: a grass.

I love how lace-y and feather-y it looks. And of course it's pinkish-purple-ish!

We're getting closer to some actual curb appeal here at the Ugly Duckling. Next, we'll buy some gravel for our walkway for a more finished look and we're planning our fence.

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