Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mission Cabinets: Day 3

On my third afternoon in the laundry/mudroom I finally got to add the final two coats of white glossy paint. Hurray!

I'm telling you, watching HGTV is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when DIY around your house.
New kitchen in 45 minutes? Check!
Entire house remodel in a weekend? Check!
In reality, everything takes just so much longer (*cough* staircase .... *cough-cough*) and that discrepancy between your HGTV experience and real life can sometimes be overwhelmingly frustrating.

Anyways, I finally got to paint the cabinets a clean, fresh, bright glossy white!

It's nothing really to write home about - no fancy-schmancy design fit for a magazine - but it makes our small laundry-mudroom look so much lighter and feel so much bigger already - something this narrow passageway jam-packed with functions sorely needed.

Here's the other half of the room with the new counter top in place and painted the same glossy white as the cabinets. The utilities aren't pretty to look at and I have ideas to cover them up but I love-love-love our electric water heater ( - endless hot hot water and a teeny footprint, for the win!

Ages ago I'd picked up some cabinet knobs at Michael's (the craft store), for no particular project really, and I thought they might work in a pinch here, so I marked the drill holes.

And drilled holes into the three cabinet doors. I don't know but there's little more anxiety-inducing than drilling into freshly painted (or new) cabinet doors ... eeep!

Aaaaaand up close and personal. And labeled, just in case you get confused and can't figure out whether to push or to pull to open the cabinet door ... heh.

Looking at my "Three of Three" for our laundry/mudroom

 Laundry Room
1. paint (cabinets, tabletop and part wall)
2. install door knobs
3. create a 'backsplash' (backing, curtain, something) to hide the utilities

I'm getting really really close to wrapping that room up soon!


  1. Your laundry room is looking great!

    Do you mind me asking which tankless water heater you went with? We've been considering one, but we aren't sure whether our house's wiring could handle it.

    1. Hey Cait!
      I don't mind at all (I really should write more about this nifty little guy in charge of hot water here at the little old house - he's quite the energizer bunny)! We have a Titan N-160 ) It doesn't just plug into a standard outlet though; it needs its own power line (see specs). We love it so much and it works so well, that in case we ever have to move again, the first project is to get rid of the conventional water heater.

    2. Thanks so much, Micha! I'll definitely look into Titan N-160!