Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Historic Homes Workshop Tampa

This past weekend the Husband, Little Man and I hiked across the State heading west to attend Tampa Preservation's "Historic Homes Workshop."

This year's workshop theme was "Maintaining your historic home" with a wealth of classes on exterior details such as landscaping, roofind issues, creating maintenance plans and budgets, window restoration, and more. Go here for the complete list of offered classes! 
The husband and I played "Divide and Conquer" so we could attend as many classes as possible and compare notes. We learned more about roof issues, roofing materials and the structure of a roof, how plan and how to budget for a larger project, more about the exterior details of historic homes, and more about paint and primers and paint issues. 

The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming, and being in the company of other lovers of historic homes always feels special.Being one of the few "out-of-towners" didn't feel weird at all!

For lunch we checked in with "Foodspotting" and decided to try "The Bungalow" in keeping with the day's theme. This restaurant was located in a beautiful Craftsman style Bungalow right around the corner from the workshop, and had very pretty outdoor seating in a lush, tropical front yard.

It was SO worth it, and frankly, I can't wait until next year's workshop! This is definitely going to be a staple on our event schedule. I have more pictures of a certain class held in at a very interesting place right across the street from the main 'campus' but blogspot and/or my computer aren't very cooperative this morning, so I'll fill you in on this later!


  1. That must have been a fun workshop!
    And.... I see you had a varied lunch there, salad, soup, french fries, sandwiches and burgers. They had something for everybody!

  2. It was definitely good eatin' ! Very fresh and tasty. We love using foodspotting.com; so far it has never failed us :)