Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Kitchen Edition: Mo' Window

On Day II of Project Window I gave the stripped window frame a quick sanding and a light coat of primer.
Nothing brings out imperfection as beautifully as a crisp coat of bright white and primer does the same. Once all the scratches, gouges, dings and divots were painfully obvious it was time for a bit of wood filler.

Yes, I use an old zoo membership card as my spatula - it's THE BEST to fill and smooth wood filler. You should try it. Any store/credit/membership card will do.

After drying, more sanding, more patching, more sanding, a dab of caulk, and finally, finally, the final coat of primer.

And tomorrow. Tomorrow will bring a fresh coat or two of beautiful semi-gloss white!


  1. You're painting with the roman blind in place? You're a brave woman!

    1. *L* I'm really not. It simply clicks back into place so it's a breeze to take it off and put it back into place when I'm done for the day. That way I don't have to worry about what happens to it when I take it off for longer and don't have to look at a bare window :o)