Monday, April 15, 2013

Laundry Lovelies

 Now that the laundry room is all painted and pretty, I feel like it's so much more fun to make it even prettier! This past weekend's weather was perfect for indoor crafty kind of projects - it was all grey and rainy skies here in North-East Florida (not very Floridian at all).

And nothing needs more pretty-fying than the plastic bottle of laundry detergent. Right?

Luckily, I keep some empty Sangria bottles on hand. It's the perfect "summer nights on the porch" drink, if you ask me, and I really love the chunky peasant bottles they sell it in. So I grabbed one, removed the old label and washed it out. Sangria-scented laundry might not be as much fun ... y'know, not to mention possible stains.

Then I whipped up a quick label in publisher and printed it on a shipping label because it has a sticky back and thicker paper. I think this combination together with Modpodge will give it a fighting chance lasting last the abuse of daily laundry action. Right?

I cut out my pretty label and stuck it to the bottle. The area where the old wine label used to be fits just right but even if your bottle doesn't have a flat area like this one, it'll work. Just stick and ...

 Modpodge it all over for protection!

While the label was drying I grabbed a funnel and the old detergent bottle and poured the detergent into its new home. We use "free'n clear" because the husband has allergies and a very sensitive nose but I do keep some nice smelling detergent in a smaller bottle occasionally for a load of my stuff only because I love the smell of scented laundry detergent (some, not all). I should probably make a pretty bottle for that one, too.

And here you go, a pretty bottle for the laundry detergent (still  all bubbly from switching bottles). Can you believe the husband commented on it? He -liked- it! Called it 'chic' ... hehehe.

He does have a point though, since it looks a lot less utilitarian than the regular plastic bottles and just nicer when in plain view. I wonder when they'll be printing more decorative labels. You'd think one manufacturer would have picked up on that already ... something pretty in French, maybe?

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  1. I love the look of that chubby bottle! Sangria, you say? I'll have to look in my liquor store the next time I go.