Monday, May 20, 2013

Cricket Chirp

Look who hasn't posted in more than a week!
Yours truly!

So sorry about that - no, really. It's been a miserable week in the clutches of a nasty spring cold that just wouldn't let go. I spent most of the last 10 days dragging my sick body around to take care of the things that absolutely had to be done and then crashed in between tasks to sink into comatose sleep.

I'm finally on the mend but, of course, yesterday the husband started sniffling and groaning so I guess he is next.

Good thing one of us is always functioning. Maybe I should set him up with a log-in for the blog so he can write up an entry when I'm awol. Does your significant others blog with you? Do you take turns? Or have you considered adding your hubby's 'voice' to your blog?


  1. I hope you get better soon. I'm just starting with a cold myself. Spent the day in bed. Hopefully you won't start up again thanks to the hubby!!!

    Take care!!


    1. So sorry you caught the plague too! It took me a solid week to (almost) shake it and I'm trying my best to avoid husband passing it back to me. Keep your fingers crossed!