Friday, May 24, 2013

Scraping By (Yours Truly)

And so it begins: project "Exterior Painting" is finally underway!

Equipped with an assortment of paint scrapers, paint eater tool and sanders we have embarked on the great task of prepping the little old house's backside for painting.
Ugh, I say!

There is quite a bit of peeling paint on the first floor level,like a sunburn's blistering and peeling, and finally we are allowing ourselves to pick at it. That part is really satisfying and rewarding, you know, just like picking at a peeling sunburn on your shoulders.

I'm sure the novelty of scraping paint outside will wear off soon (it was kind of fun doing that on the inside at first too before it turned into a mind-numbing chore), but so far, we are progressing at a steady pace and it comes with the added benefit of slowly acquiring a tan.

No worries, folks, we tested for lead and the result confirmed my suspicion that our house no longer has its original siding: it tested negative for lead. We still do wear face masks when scraping and sanding, and collect the paint scrapings in plastic drop cloths because breathing in paint particle and wood dust isn't good for you at any rate, but at least we don't have to worry about lead.

Yay for small blessings!

This is a -huge- project, even though our house is a "little" old house, and we will be tackling it one side of the house at a time figuring that seeing a completed side will be reward and encouragement to tackle the next side.

That means there will be fewer updates, too. I won't bore you with updates on how many squarefeet we scraped today, tomorrow, next week, but unless the weather turns to crap, interior projects are mostly on hold for the time being.
I'm thinking I might go for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule so you'll at least know when to swing by for/  expect an update.

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  1. Oooooh I do not envy you this job! I'm so glad I have a brick house, haha. But it will look so good when your'e done!!