Friday, May 10, 2013

Gearing Up

While we are still mulling over which exact shade of blue to paint our little old house and whether we want the accent color to be a bit darker, a bit more brown, more grey, more anything, bits and bops of necessary gear for mission "Exterior painting" are arriving at our address:

The first thing I bought was a 26' Werner ladder. It's the big one, not only in the picture but also in comparison to the much shorter multi-function ladder I bought.

Werner, for short, is marvelous. I'm not one for heights, in fact scaling a three step step ladder has been my biggest achievement until we bought our house and I also got involved in the one or other Preservation SOS project. I have since then advanced to 12' ladders and painting rafter tails on one-story bungalows but I'm still far from feeling comfortable.
This ladder, though, makes all the difference. It is as sturdy as it gets, probably because of the flared legs, and feels as solid as a staircase. No kidding. Fully extended the middle bends and flexes a bit but even that is quite tolerable.

We also got an extra ladder stabilizer to make working in front of windows, for example, easier. Our 12' multi-functional ladder is much more of a light-weight which makes it 'my' ladder. I'm okay scaling ladders up to 12' and I can lug it around all by myself  (Werner requires an extra set of hands, being much heavier).

Since 'Multi' folds into all kinds of positions including a low scaffold, we also picked up scaffolding plates which should be much safer than just slapping a wooden board across the rungs.

And much to Binky's delight, we kept the box 'Multi' shipped in for a few days for a lot of adventurous play! She loved to channel her inner ambush predator and hid in the box until the unsuspecting dog moseyed by close enough for an attack cat to come flying out of the box.

With a bit of luck we will be able to nail down the ever elusive 'perfect' blue this weekend, give it a last test run and get started on power washing and scraping the house, after, you know, teaching a painting workshop, driving Little Man to Karate testing, having friends visit, Mother's Day, church, and all the other things we need to cram into a too short weekend!

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