Tuesday, October 25, 2011


After a mighty crazy week at work, my DIY spirit was hiding underneath the covers for most of this weekend. It was rather content to do some things I didn't have time for during the week like

  • read a book

  • whip up and eat a batch of delicious home-made caramel dip (recipe here)

  • muck about in the veggie patch

By Sunday afternoon, the laziness wore off a bit and the DIY spirit started to perk up its ears. We gingerly poked at a couple of projects

  • messed with the old gate (it's the ol' chainlink fence gate but it's better than having to roll part of the fence itself back and forth, gate-style) and halfway got it done. We're missing a hinge and nobody wanted to drive out to the Blue Box to pick up the missing part. Yet.

  • probed the upsatirs hallway closet and decided it was time to start that project if we ever wanted a chance of clearing out the library which has become a sorry catch-all for everything and the neighbor's our cat.

And then found out that we're going to have lovely guests for Thanksgiving - our FIRST Thanksgiving at the Ugly Duckling - and decided to kick our DIY spirit into gear again to wrap up a few more of those almost finished projects in time for the holidays. God helps us :o)

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