Thursday, October 6, 2011

Peekaboo window

Now that our Master Bathroom is complete as far as typical bathroom fixtures are concerned - you know, like a sink, a toilet and a bath tub - we have slowly and rather gingerly begun to use it. No, the bath tub is as of yet still unchristened (can't have my brain go on its usual "Here're the things that I need to finish" spree while taking a bubble bath in my glorious clawfoot tub) but sink and toilet are being subjected to ..ahem, light use.
You know, we seem to forget that there is now an extra bathroom.

Like it's not on our inner house map yet, we gravitate toward the hall bathroom in the mornings and if that's in use, the first step is always toward the stairs to head down to the half bath.

We're hoping this will change once the Master Bath receives its final and homey-fying touches. I've just ordered towel rings, for example, I scored a nifty mirror that needs a few tender loving and caring touch-ups, we need a bath mat and of course, window treatments for a softer, less stark white atmosphere.

And that brings us - finally - to a whole other problem: Privacy.

While I enjoy living in the urban core and don't mind my neighbors up close and personal (and we have sweet neighbors all around us, and in general, the Springfield people rock my boat balancing the line between privacy and neighborly love with perfection), there're two windows that are even in my world of laid-back exhibitionism a bit ...let's say, "iffy". Especially after sunset.

You see, I was using the brand new installed toilet, musing about our DIY to-do list and dangling my legs, when I noticed that at night our brightly lit bathroom would provide an excellent entertainment of the scantily clad sort for the neighbors whose backyards border ours.

So not good.

Some privacy would be nice, especially when using the toilet. Toilet time is not off-limits in my family, but I'd like to keep it in the family and not include my neighbors. I'm sure they appreciate the thought too.

Anyways, on one of our regular trips to the orange box (or was it the blue one?), I picked up a can of this stuff

I've tried window film before and while it does do the job, it's always a big hassle, wrangling those sheets into submission and keeping them from rolling up on you while you're trying to measure and to cut. This sounded much easier (C'mon, it's 'spray' frost - woot!) and since it's removable, it gave me enough freedom to try it without having to commit permanently like with etching cream. If I don't like it or find something better, some nail polish and a razor blade will do the trick!

I wish I could show you a 'Before' picture of that window but it was dark when I decided to do this and I forgot to snap it. It's just a very basic 80s chicken coop window (and it'll be replaced with a proper and much nicer sash window at some point)

[After: Ahh, sweet privacy ....]

No more unwanted flashing the neighbors and I still get a peek of the sky and the tree tops in front of the window. Mission accomplished!

Feeling greatly encouraged I might proceed with my secret plans for a certain window downstairs.

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