Friday, October 7, 2011

Master Bath: trim and proper

And the saga continues (does it ever really end?): right now I'm tackling the basic trim-out of the bathroom with baseboards and some quarter rounds.

Only half an hour into the process, I'd learned my first lesson: shoulda done that -before- installing the toilet and moving in the vanity. Oh well, live and learn and improvise!

Here's what the transition floor to wall looks like without baseboard.

[Before: Something is definitely missing ...]

Yeaaah, not so pretty. Definitely can't leave it like that. We're sticking with the textured walls for now, for the most part because we're sick and tired of drywall dust. I'm toying with the thought of adding wainscoting or batten'n board which I already successfully installed in our master bedroom (read about it here and here). It looks beautiful and would leave us with a smaller area to de-texturize aka skim-coat and sand. We'll see, we'll see .... for now our project list is still plenty long; no need to add new projects just yet. A fresh coat of white paint did a LOT to clean up the look.

[Miter saw (How I wish I had an electric one!), measuring tape, baseboard and a pencil]

For the next three hours I measured, cut, measured some more, cut some more, finagled a baseboard into the tight spot between wall and vanity, maneuvered another piece around the toilet's plumbing and finally had all the pieces I needed for a full trim out. Go me!

Husband was amazed that not once did I cut an angle the wrong way. Maybe I'll be as lucky when it comes to crown molding? One can dream ...

[Getting there: baseboard in place but not yet nailed and caulked]

Nailing the pieces into place (yet another tool for my wishlist - I wish I had a nail gun) went quickly and then it was on to caulking for a nice clean transition between wall and baseboard. I will have to add quarter rounds to mask the fact that our walls aren't 100% straight (*gasp!* Shocking, I know, no straight walls in an old house) but for now I get to marvel at how proper this room is starting to look.

Now it's off to work! After work, I'll make a quick detour to the orange box to pick up the quarter rounds I need for part 2.


  1. I just discovered your blog via This Dusty House. I'm in the process of detexturizing two walls in our master bedroom so I totally feel your pain - the wainscoting is a great idea!

  2. Hello Amelia!
    Thank you for stopping by :o) I feel your pain; I'm so not looking forward to dealing with the texture but for now we have plenty of other projects to keep up from being bored. We love wainscoting in all its forms and were thrilled when we realized that we could install it over the stupid texture!