Friday, November 4, 2011

Texture all gone!

This is what the little mess of textured wall above the door looked like when we last saw it.

[In-progress: Good bye, texture!]

It took another three coats to smooth out even the last bump of texture and create a smooth finish like the adjoining drywall. At this point I'm not sure I really want to skimcoat the remaining textured walls in the house. Ripping them out and replacing them with drywall sounds much more appealing and potentially faster than trying to cover up the texture. We'll need some time to think this over, I guess.

[More progress: All nice and even. I also made sure that all adjoining areas
received a thorough dusting of fine drywall dust]

Anyways, once the area was mudded smooth and had time to dry completely, it was time for a quick sanding and a coat of primer. If you forget to prime freshly mudded drywall you end up with spots that "flash". These areas will reflect the light differently and drive you insane. Really. Ahem ... not like I know anything about that. So yes, priming is a must.

Fresh coat of paint and voila - all done!

[After: Mission accomplished - texture eliminated]

I put the drying time between coats of mud and then some to good use and tackled a few other projects in the entry hall to get'er done! 20 days 'till Thanksgiving! How much trim can I possibly paint accomplish in 20 days? Guess we'll find out!

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