Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Cat's Meow

Just in case you were wondering who got to take the first bath ever in my beautiful brand-spanking new claw foot tub ...

[So that's where Tim Burton draws his inspiration from ...
Boots looking like the proverbial Halloween cat.

Look for the tail for any indication how fluffy she really is.]

This is Boots, resident feline here at the Ugly Duckling. The bath is part of her regular flea treatment. I don't know about your State but Florida is pretty heavy on fleas and you have to stay on top of it.

Boots came to us almost 8 years ago as a stray, and within no time she moved her soft-pawed self into our hearts and into our home. She's a sweet, gentle roly-poly kind of furball and prefers to sleep next to my pillow on cold nights, provided the sheet is smooth enough to meet her approval. She hates taking a bath, but she's good about it: no claws, no teeth and her escape attempts are half -hearted at best. Afterward, Boots remains upset at me for about half an hour and then she lets me know she's generously forgiven me. Over the past cuple of years she's become more vocal 'talking' to us with unusual almost bird-like chirping sounds and demands treats and attention with something that sounds suspiciously like "Now!".

I never wanted a cat and I HATE HATE HATE litterboxes, but this fluffball is -my- girl, and I don't mind sharing my lovely tub with her.


  1. Haha that picture is too funny! Our cat was a stray too and now I can't imagine life without him, but he definitely will NOT cooperate for a bath ha.

  2. She looks hilarious :o) and it's hard to not laugh about her while she is suffering so patiently but we try. Boots is un-be-lievably gentle. She has never scratched anybody, never attacked furniture and when Little Man was really little - as in, just over a year old - she let him pull her tail, whisker and fur with never a repercussion. All she'd do is pull herself gently from his grasp and find a spot out of his reach. If it weren't for her litterboxes, she'd be sainted! But yeah, wouldn't want to miss her :o)