Friday, November 11, 2011

What? Me?

Catching up on my favorite blogs after a cra-ay-zy week, I almost ended up spitting tea all over my laptop. Jeanette from This Dusty House had awarded me and my little rambling blog an award! This is my first ever and again it's one of those things I never thought would or could happen.

I mean, really, I'm just writing up the adventures and ramblings and musings revolving around the renovation of our little old house to entertain the family and to make sure we won't forget (and it's also a great place to store information such as paint colors and shopping sources). Now I have acquired 15 followers and average about 2,000 hits a month - still a teeny tiny fish in the big pond of home blogs, but way bigger than this squirt ever thought possible.

So ... BIG Thank you to Jeanette for honoring me and my long winded babbling with run-on sentences with a blog award. I'm floored!

Since I'm German by birth, I chose the "Liebster Blog", not to mention that going on and on about painting trim in various rooms can hardly be considered "versatile". Heh :o) I do, however, feel a bit tickled to expand the topics of this blog. Maybe I'll include some of the stuff I've been cooking lately; the cooler weather entices me to cook more elaborate items rather than the usual Florida summer fare of grilled meat with salad on the side.

Anyways, the one (other) thing about the award that has me stumped is the question to whom to pass it on. "Fewer than 50 followers" is sort of the requirement for the Liebster Blog Award and that will take some research on my part. I "hop" from blog to blog, will follow linked comments and generally don't really keep track of what I'm reading: as long as it piques my interest, I'm there.

If you have a suggestion who I should check out, let me know!

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