Friday, April 6, 2012

Evolution of a Moodboard

Yesterday, as I was adding a second coat of white paint to the baseboards and door molding, my mind started to wander.

It does that all the time when I'm painting trim and lately I have had the greatest ideas during those seemingly endless sessions of painting things white. Most of them revolve around painting things any other color than white.

Right now, our masterbathroom is - in its unfinished state - a room of rather stark contrasts: black vanity and white vessel sink, black tiles and white tiles, black window frames and white walls. It sure could use some softening up (nevermind, that I still don't know how to tie those three adjoining rooms - bathroom, dressing room and bedroom) together without letting go of our beautiful dark teal wall color in our bedroom. Oh well, one step at a time.

Once Little Man was in bed, I decided to dig up the good ol' Polyvore account to dabble with a mood board. I'm all about visuals, and even though I tend to have a decent idea of how things will look together, nothing beat 'seeing' it.

So, here's the old mood board, thrown together more than a year and a half ago (Gasp! It's been -that long? Good gracious, time does fly!)

[Master Bath - Old Mood Board]

Back then, I had a thing for black penny tile which we passed on in favor of a more budget-friendly vintage black and white tile since our bathroom is a whopping 220sqft. We -did- diy our vanity from an old desk, decided on one larger vessel sink instead of two, I found a lovely vintage mirror and the wainscoting is still on the list of things to tackle. I liked the stencil and was having visions of some really funky wallpaper effect but now, now I'm not so sure anymore. The stark, clean, uncluttered room has somewhat grown on me, but yet ... I crave some soft undertones.

Polyvore to the rescue!
I know some people like to use other programs (even Windows Paint), but Polyvore and I, we're tight. Pinterest helped me find some inspiration for vintage-style bathrooms and thanks to Polyvore I'd tweaked my old mood board in no time.

Wanna see?

[Master Bath Mood Board- Improved]

We loooove our shag rug in our livingroom, so after trying several rugs - with patterns and without - I settled on a soft ivory shag rug. Thanks to a coupon code, this 3x5 squishy squooshy ivory softness for $44.00 (and free shipping!) from Rugs USA will make an appearance soon. I picked up on the sporadic use of gilded items in vintage style bathrooms and decided to give our mirror a virtual make-over trying it on in gold. Guess I'll break out the gold leaf this weekend 'cause I'm really REALLY loving it!

I have had a wall earmarked for a fireplace ever since the inception of the bathroom, so that just got added. Yes, there will be bubble baths within direct line of sight of a crackling fire. Hmm-mmm-mm ....!

And I'll also need an upholstered bench with curvy legs to help soften the look further so I'll keep my eyes open on craigslist or on thriftstore trips.

The bathroom will continue to read calm and clean, but with some really understated elegance (I'm the gal with dirty, naked feet digging in the yard, y'know, I don't really do 'elegance') and a little softer around the edges.

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