Thursday, April 26, 2012

A little something

 While picking up lumber for a cub scout project (Nope, no kidding), I snuck out and mosied through the garden center as well. This particular blue box home improvement store has an unusually nice selection of distressed and/or discounted plants, and I spied some lovely orchids with a pot for just $4!

So, I decided that the master bathroom was starting to look civilized enough for the first purely decorative touches and snagged one.

At home, I couldn't leave well enough alone and whipped out the ... not, not the faux gold leaf ...pshaw! .... but the trusted Krylon spray paint and gave the pot a quick update.

Before, the pot was a simple terracotta pot that had been white washed. Not a bad look but it didn't really flow with the new glam look of our bathroom.

Ahh, but after a coat of Krylon gold things started to look deliciously glamorous. Definitely good enough to eat!

While I don't have the greenest of thumbs as far as indoor plants are concerned (plus we have a cat who thinks that any plant is just a fancy version of cat grass and so placement needs serious considerations), orchids seem to work for me. When I was living in Germany (up north in Hamburg), I shared my bedroom with an orchid that just bloomed and bloomed and bloomed.

Did you spraypaint a little something lately? What about your thumb? What shade of green is it?

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