Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three of Three: The Kitchen Edition

With the laundry room all finished and wrapped up, it's time to move on to the next room on the list. And since the closest room to the laundry/mudroom is our darling kitchen, what better room to tackle next on my "Three of Three" list than that!

We simply love our kitchen and everything we put into it. When we bought our little old house, the place was a hot mess: dirty, outdated, awkward, non-functioning.

[The ugly truth: Before]

We tore out -everything-. For such a small room, we had a major list of updates and upgrades. Here is our list of completed projects so you can see for yourself:

- ripped out old cabinets
- ripped out linoleum
- repaired heart pine floors
- refinished heart pine floors
- re-plumbed kitchen
- updated electrical wiring
- hung new drywall
- finished new drywall
- prepped, primed and painted walls
- repaired base molding and add quarter rounds
- prepped, primed and painted ceiling
- installed ceiling fan
- installed new kitchen cabinets
- installed new appliances, sink and faucet
- installed cabinet hardware
- prepped, primed and painted base molding
- prepped, primed and painted trim around doorway to breezeway and to laundry room
- created open shelving with brackets and boards
- created and hung window treatment
- added a chalk board on door to laundry room

[Hard to believe it's the same room: After]

Without the help of our contractors in the beginning we wouldn't have been able to complete all of this with our sanity still (mostly) intact. Amazing how after this long list, though, I still have plenty more ideas and projects for it on my wishlist! But ...all in the spirit of wrapping some things up, here is my "Three of Three" for the kitchen for this year:

Three of Three - The Kitchen
1. paint window frame
2. add lighting
3. add a backsplash

I really, really want to add a No. 4: "Create an eat-in nook," but we'll have to see how that all will fit into the budget. We -are- gearing up to paint the exterior of our house and that will siphon off quite a few of our project dollars so some of the 'flourishes' inside the house will have to wait. No worries, I have plenty of more points to add to my list. I can do that "three of three" game for a couple of years without having to rack my brain just yet!


  1. I love the transformation, too bad it's an expensive job to "update" almost everything in there! But it looks good now!
    That creamy yellow looks like what I have for my livingroom and hallways. I got mine at Home Depot and it's called "Banana Cream" What is yours called?

    1. Kitchens are expensive but I'm pretty sure we have yet to break the $15,000 barrier for all we have done in there (which is a far cry from the average of $25,000+ people tend to spend on kitchen remodels). We used "Homestead Resort Sunwashed" of the Valspar National Historic Preservation Colors. It shows much more intense on photos than it actually is :)

  2. What happened with the breaker box? I can't find a post on the 3rd installment of the mudroom. Hopefully it's coming down the road, because I was very curious to see what you ended up choosing to do with it.

    1. I'm still working on that project (I love to multitask when the DIY muse strikes) so stay tuned! Update will follow soon!