Thursday, January 13, 2011


The year was 1915.

Woodrow Wilson was President.
World War I, then known as the "Great War" was
in full swing in Europe, though the United States
would remain neutral for just a little longer.

The RMS Lusitania, a Cunard ocean liner turned
auxiliary cruiser at the beginning of the war, was sunk by a
torpedo fired from the German subamrine u-20 just off the coast
of Ireland - an incident that sparked arguments until this day.
A little closer to home, the Mexican Revolution was ongoing.
In the US, the struggle for women's right to vote was at its peak.

The automobile was rapidly becoming a common means of transportation.
For entertainment, Americans went to the theater to see Vaudeville
shows and silent movies. If they opted for an evening at home, there were
many musical selections available for the acoustic disc phonograph, which was now a fixture of many American living rooms.
In January, the first transcontinental phone call is made.

And construction began on the Ugly Duckling.

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