Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Running circles

"Holding pattern" is the new black this season.

Sorry I haven't been blog-productive these past couple of days but the rainy grey [greige?] weather combined with the endless waiting game had me in a real slump this weekend. I spent lots of it on the couch, my nose buried in a book and my free hand balancing a cup of tea in my beautiful beautiful Oresund mug [I love it! It fits perfectly into the curve of your hands and I adore the blue color with the speckled rustic white and happy yellow] or playing boardgames with my 2 men.

So, what's new in the house buying business?

Not much, unfortunately. Today we finalized our home owner's insurance. I know, how exciting! We went with yet another neighborhood recommendation and weren't let down at all. Our insurance guy was incredibly helpful and very very quick to respond to our questions and requests throughout the entire process.
No news from the city yet.

9 days until closing ... theoretically. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


  1. Good luck! 9 days, that's only 216 hours until it's yours!

  2. Hope plays a big part in everything we do these days (hope the city will rule in our favor, hope the selling bank responds quickly, hope the loan gets approved, etc.) so let's hope that everything will work out and fall into place during the next 9 days *grins* We need all the luck we can get - thank you!
    Any news on your side of the country?

  3. I think you've had enough setbacks, so now it's only fair that the rest goes without incidence :). That mug would lift my spirits, too.

  4. That is so sweet! Thank you - we could use some smooth sailing (before we kick off the rehab ...heh) *L*

    I wish the Oresand mug came with an entire series of dishes and serving ware so now I'm on a quest for something that goes with it!