Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lien on me

Remember that lien thing I mentioned in passing in this post?

Our city has some weird regulations when it comes to liens, it seems. (Although if you ask me it's less of a weird lien regulation thing, than a simple screw-up in a city department. None of the paperwork we looked at makes sense) This lien is actually not -for- our Ugly Duckling but for another property that at some point belonged to the same owner. Then that owner lost the Ugly Duckling in foreclosure and accumulated liens on the other property. Our city then happily slapped a shared tag on both properties - maybe to up their chances at one day getting their money? (And if that doesn't make any sense to you - join the club! I'm trying to follow the train of thought behind this but, boy, it escapes me entirely)

Yeah, well, and now that one's come back to bite us in our rear ends for a little longer because unfortunately you cannot close a deal on a property if there are any liens and/or back taxes on it. We have filed for a partial release but both our bank and our real estate agent recommended we push back our closing date a bit to give the city a bit more time to respond.

Grrrr ...


  1. Oh no! What does the attorney at the title company recommend?


  2. Well, everybody agrees to "hang in there" just a little longer until the city responds. Our realtor assures us it's not really all that big of an issue and that the city is usually very understanding in these cases and grants the partial release. It's supposedly the "holiday's fault" it's taking so long :o(
    I think it's just that we can't understand the ...ahem, reasoning behind this entire thing that makes it a bit more difficult to swallow :o)