Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good-bye Silver St

Dear Silver St. House

For the past 6 years you have been our home in Historic Springfield. And what a great home you have been!

[Lovely original windows and hardwood floors in the livingroom]

[Hallway with tall tall ceilings]

I still remember the first day we met you. Our lease at an Arlington Apartment complex was nearing its end and we'd started looking for another place to move to. Some place nice, close to work, that wouldn't feel as crowded and anonymous.

[The Butler's Pantry came with a portal to another dimension -

or how else would all of our stuff have fit into it?]

Browsing the paper for ads I discovered that there were affordable rentals available in one of my favorite historic neighborhoods - we'd been cruising the blocks of Springfield on the weekends to marvel at the architecture and tree-lined alleys and liked the eclectic mix of urban vibe and suburban quaintness. Toss in the view of tall office buildings over the verdant tree tops - kind of like New York's Central Park area - and we were sold.

[Original Victorian Coal Fireplace in the Master Bedroom]

[Gonna miss my jungle view from the kitchen]

We fell in love with you the moment we walked up the stairs: hardwood floors, a sun-flooded den toward the front of the house, a humongous front porch and great bedrooms.

[Our front porch aka the livingroom]

You wooed us with your historic charms: the hex tile and clawfoot tub in the bathroom, the tall ceilings and the Victorian fireplaces with their cameo-style covers. And you came with the sweetest landlady we could hope to find.

[Our bathroom - tiny but sweet]

Just like our Darling Duckling now, you felt like a comfy well-worn slipper, the kind you return to after a long day's work and slip into with a sigh of contentment and relief. You taught us about life in a historic home and played a big part in us wanting to stay in Springfield and to own our own historic home.

You were home to us for 6 years, and we will treasure those years always.

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