Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Now you see it ...

Like pretty much every other room here at the Duckling, our master bedroom is a work in progress.

So far we've added batten and board and painted the room: a crisp clean "Pure White" for batten and board and the ceiling and the delicious dark teal-y blue "Shaded Lake" for the upper part of the walls. Then we moved in and crammed everything and the neighbor's our cat into it and progress came somewhat to a stand-still. I still have to paint the trim around the windows and that was a thought that preoccupied me a quite a bit.

[Before: Big brown exterior door right next to the bed]

You see, our master bedroom has the weirdest door to window ratio and configuration. It has two windows and four doors, spread out over three walls in the most imbalanced way possible. The only wall suitable for our bed has a window and the door to the outside staircase. Talk about wonky. While we do like and sleep well with the current furniture arrangement, my sense of visual balance has been suffering mightily.

Since for now the exterior door is staying where it is (maybe to be turned into a window or perhaps a door with a glass inset at some point or to be closed up for good), some decent camouflage was called for. I'd seen people "fake" an extra window for symmetry by simply hanging window treatments against the wall and thought this was a great idea but I wanted to take it one step further.

I made the door vanish!
[After: Now you see it, now you don't!]

I simply painted the door to match the walls giving its lower half a coat of Pure White and the upper part a coat of Shaded Lake to help the door play chameleon and blend into the background rather than hogging all of the attention. So so -so- much better!

Now I need to find some quiet time to whip up some window treatments, install the hardware and dress up two windows, one real and one fake. Oh, and paint window trim. Argh!

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