Friday, May 27, 2011

Laundry room II

You know a room is most likely not a real room unless there's some sort of storage. And while some rooms can get away with a basket or a single drawer as storage, most rooms require a little more oomph in the storage department to become more sufficient/efficient/whatever-cient.

Case in point: the laundry room.

I love having both, washer and dryer inside a room with 4 actual walls. At Silver St the hook-ups were set up on the back porch which was enclosed with lattice panels and it worked for doing laundry if you didn't mind losing the occasional sock to the squirrels (Husband's white sport socks were a popular choice for nesting material] and having to wash off your washer and dryer from the dirt that collected on top and occasionally treating the rust issues.

[Laundry room: new room, new paint, new floors, new trim]

At the Duckling, the laundry rooms is a fully enclosed area. It began its life many years ago as an enclosed porch and was then turned into a full bathroom so the downstairs could function as its own apartment when the house was converted to a duplex. When we bought the Duckling, we removed the bathtub and added that space to the former teeny mudroom which was just just of 4 sqft (or maybe 5, but not much bigger).

After new drywall, paint and floors and with all the new hook-ups in place this laundry room was off to a great start. Except ... no storage. Wop-wop-wooop.

However, we were prepared. Right from the start aka the demolition phase we'd set aside some of the wall cabinets from the former upstairs kitchen. They are simple but solid cabinets, weigh a metric ton and were in good shape. With just a coat of fresh paint inside and out they'd be perfect to help us out with some storage deficits.

[Husband hard at work]

Husband went off to the orange box to pick up more wood for his library shelf project as well as some cabinet screws and right after lunch we kicked off the laundry room wall cabinet project. Yes, we precariously balanced the cabinets atop rubbermaid containers supported by coffee cans. Not your usual DIY approach but it did work! A couple of cabinet screws and battles with rock-hard studs later, we had cabinets in our laundry room. Let's hear it for storage! Wootwoot!

Next step ... paint! (Notice a theme here?)

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