Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meet George!

I'm obviously a child of the 70s because I looooove shag! After secretely ordering a shag rug for our livingroom about which I haven't written at all and knowing the husband would like it, the last thing missing to absolute shaggy happiness on our livingroom couch was a shaggy pillow.

You know, texture and all that jazz.

That's when I stumbled across this fuzzy darling here at Target. Laaaaaaaaa!


Dear husband looked at it when we brought my shopping loot in and asked "what I wanted to do with it".
The only correct answer in this case?
"Hug it and pet it and call it George."

Here, George (aka "The Yak") is hanging out with his buddies on the livingroom couch

And you know what?

EVERYBODY loves George!

That's strike 2 for shag(gy stuff). Ha!

Anybody else with a hankering for shag?

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