Friday, December 30, 2011

Coming in 2012: plans for the new year

While first preparing for and then relaxing over the holidays, we had plenty of time to muse and plot and plan about the projects we would like to tackle here at our darling Ugly Duckling over the next couple of months.

After wrapping up some trim paint jobs inside our home, we've decided to dedicate 2012 first and formost to the exterior of our little old house.

[Ugly Duckling in oil]

- Replace-A-Rail
Soon, the rusty iron railing will be a thing of the past. Plans to replace the non-original wrought iron porch railing with a more historically-appropriate wooden railing are already underway.

- Picket Fence Fun
We are planning to add a fence to our front yard. It'll be part of our entire exterior make-over with special focus on ramping up our curb appeal (which is non-existent right now)

- Upfront Landscaping
Our front yard is a barren wasteland. I've been collecting ideas online and I see the beginnings of a plan. Of course, we're challenged by a small budget and a northern exposure. There are also some plans for neat features in the back yard as well for an all-around over haul of the ol' gal.

- It's Raining Paint - Hallelujah!
Time's up - we need to paint the exterior of the house. There will be buckets and buckets of paint in our future.

There will also be some window restoration, maybe some storm windows, screens, window boxes and bees in this little old house's future.

Are you in for the ride?

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