Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trip Hop Trap

There it is.

Don't you see it?
Come a little closer.


Still don't see it?

Yeah, that's the problem.

See, I have a small problem. I'm vertically challenged. Short. Fun-sized (or pocket-sized as I have heard the husband say). I measure a measly 5'2" and in order to reach certain cabinet space I need a foot stool. This particular foot stool is of German origin. I picked it up years ago at a fleamarket and have been toting it around ever since. It's solid wood, sturdy and gives me just enough of a leg up to reach what I need to reach without having to fall back on a regular step ladder (I'm afraid of heights and don't do serious ladders). Years ago, when we lived in our rental apartment with its white kitchen and cream colored linoleum floors, I painted it dark chocolate brown. That made it highly visible.

Now, against our beautiful dark walnut heartpine floors, the same rich color renders it practically invisible and turns my helpful step stool into an invisible tripping trap.

After acquiring bruises and bumps in varying shades on our shins over the past couple of weeks, blundering through the kitchen, tripping and accidentally kicking the unexpected obstacle across the room, we'd reached the end of the line.

No more!

After a thorough sanding,
a quick wipe down with deglosser, just to be sure the new paint would stick
and a quick coat of paint using the lovely "Lyndhurst Duchess Blue" we painted our dining room, we fixed his ankle biter type of a problem.

A quick fix that helped my foot stool morph from a drab tripping trap to a peppy step! Yay me!

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