Monday, March 12, 2012

Jax Home & Patio Show 2012

On Saturday, the husband, Little Man and I ventured out to the Jacksonville Home & Patio Show. We'd had loads of fun at last year's show and came home with a similarly sized load of flyers, business cards and ideas, so we were excited to drop in again this year.

The Home & Patio Show utilized the showrooms at the Prime Osborn Center in Jacksonville, Jax's old railway station. I love the huge black and white photograph from its heyday in the 1920s welcoming you to the event location in the foyer. It hasn't changed much in all those years, except for those picturesque horse-drawn carriages. You don't see too many of those around here anymore (although the police's equestrian unit has a barn right around the corner).

Fitting the location there was a huge play train set taking up one of the many showrooms. It was HUGE! with buildings and little people figurines, vintage cars and a variety of trains, from steam trains puffing up billowing ribbons of smoke to large electric trains.

We had a grand time and enjoyed the very obvious love for detail of the toy train club that hosted the display and who were more than happy to explain and answer any questions we had.

The other showrooms looked a lot more like what you'd expect. We'd gotten there just after lunch and it got busier by the minute. We left two hours later (didn't want to leave the new puppy alone for too long) and by then, people were squeezing through the aisles at a much slower speed than the way we started out.

There were a couple of really neat things for sale (none of which we picked up; we just weren't in a shopping mood). These tiered planters caught my eye, especially since they came in different colors aside from the generic terracotta look. So cute!

This was hands-down the prettiest display: Rocks and pavers and other "hardcore" elements for your landscaping needs.

We also tested mattresses, watched cooking demonstrations and learned more about foam insulation. River City Lighting had the blingiest stand with glistening chandeliers, sparkling sconces and interesting pendant lights.

We didn't stay for the HGTV special guest presentation, but we did get to see another work by this artist whom we'd seen before at the Riverside Arts Market. Isn't the 3D chalk art incredible?

It really feels like it's coming out of the ground!

And we enjoyed watching the performance of the Living Fountain (although it's nothing I'd add to my backyard, heh).

I did come back home to a cup of tea and some cinnamon crumb cake with my pockets filled with business cards for painting businesses (Wanna paint my house? For free? I'll blog about you until the cows come home ... :o)! - One can wish, right?) and paint chips. Did you go to a Home and Patio Show recently? This one, even? What did you bring home?


  1. We went to a Home & Garden show last week, and came home with an adjustable rake to use in our flower beds. Plus we picked up a ton of cards for electricians, roofers, plumbers, etc. We went mainly to meet with tub reglazers since we're currently redoing a bathroom and need our clawfoot tub fixed up. Not sure if I would go again though... I feel like we got the same info we usually get from Angies List.

  2. Hey Stephanie!
    We looked at tub re-glazers last year - what a coincidence! This year both husband and I had our pockets loaded with business cards for exterior painters :o) Just like you I'm not sure I'd go again. Too much of the same thing and nothing really you couldn't find online. We use word of mouth in our neighborhood a lot; in our tightly knit community, word gets around who does a great job and who doesn't.