Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mo' paint

While the final coat of paint is drying on the pocket doors on the living room side and ony the re-attaching of the hardware stands between me and completely finished pocket doors (on -both- sides, no less!), I put the waiting time to good use and moved on to my next target: the arch way.

When we bought the Little Old House, it was a duplex, its original floorplan chopped up into two apartments (one upstairs and one downstairs). The downstair's living room had been closed off from the former vestibule which had been turned into a teeny-weeny bedroom. Re-opening and restoring the original floorplan of our Little Old House was one of the first things we did, and the transformation was really mindblowing (read about it here, here and here)

Again, I'd finished it on the vestibule side a while ago, but hadn't gotten around to it on the living room side of things. Thanks to my master list of "all things to do" and some newly revived get'er done spirit, I'm now gettin'er done!

At this point I'm at two coats of crisp, bright white with one more coat to go for a nice even and cean finish. After that there are just the original house door (in its not-original location) and a replacement window that need painting. This, however, will have to wait. At least for a bit.

We want to move the door back to its historically correct position and replace the ugly 80s aluminum window with a proper wooden sash window. Since that affects the exterior of our house it requires the approval of the Historic Preservation Committee so there's some paperwork we'll have to tackle, and since it's a slightly larger project we've already touched base with our contractor team who helped us bring the Little Old House back to life last year.

So stay tuned while we're saving up money for this and many more projects!

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