Friday, March 2, 2012

Meet my Neighbors: Springfield Disc Golf

My neighborhood is special. Not only does it come with beautiful old houses, tree-lined alleys and huge potential, but with great people from all walks of life.

"Most move here for the houses, but they stay for the people."

That's pretty much Springfield's motto and boy, does it ring true. There is always so much going on, from monthly block parties, Mommies group, Gardening Club, our own neighborhood animal rescue, Wandering Cocktail Party, Urban Farming and, and, and - the list goes on. While my neighbors in Springfield couldn't be any more different and diverse, they all share a a passionate and adventurous spirit. Sure, we do clash over some topics. Tempers flare. People can and will hold old grudges, but yet ... it's like siblings: fighting and nagging and competing but nobody beats my brother (or sister) but me.

Oh, and we can't stop talking. Not like you would have noticed.

Kim Heyde had an idea, a passion for Springfield and after a little more than a year, her passionate idea took shape and we got to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Springfield Disc Golf Course last weekend!

Disc ...wha?

[Disc Golf Goal]

Disc Golf. Yeah, I know.
I had never heard about it before either so I was totally confused about the hubbub and excitement. If you call it "Frisbee Golf" it might make more sense. Imagine agolf course, instead of little holes in the ground you have baskets and instead of whacking golfball around, you throw frisbees.

Got it?

We went to the Grand Opening for a first taste and it's surprisingly a whole lot of fun. So much fun that Little Man was deeply disappointed and in tears when the next morning greeted us with rain and kept us from going back for another round of disc golf.

You should really check it out. It's kind of like a hip, alternative type of activity for any age group. You get to spend some leisurely time outside, amble through a park with views of Downtown Jax and beautiful old houses and you could even bring a picnic basket and a blanket.

You'll find the big sign with a map of the course and the rules on the corner of 2nd Street and Boulevard at Klutho Park, and it's easy to park in that corner too.

Here're a few links I found for you

  • Find Springfield Disc Golf on Facebook here

  • Check out the Springfield Disc Golf webpage here

  • Learn more about the entire process, from the idea to the Grand Finale here

  • Check out the thought process behind designing the logo here

Won't you come out and play?

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  1. Same as you are never tried doing disc golf. It must be surely full of fun and excitement.