Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fiddling & Tweaking

Slowly, work on our Master bathroom continues, mainly because I'm a little stumped when it comes to finalizing the design. Right now I'm not sure how exactly to pull everything together and make our bedroom, dressing room and bath a cohesive and sweet master suite.

So I turned to Pinterest for a little help in the inspiration department and searched for "black and white bathroom" and "vintage bathroom."

Oh, the lovelies!

Here are two of my favorites that came up during one of those searches. Vintage touches all around + crisp contrast = LOVE!

[source: via pinterest from here]

[source: via pinterest from here ]

What really stood out and captured my interest were the black window frames. How sharp does that look? Would that work for our bathroom? Not like that would immediately pull everything together, but hey, all is fair in the fiddling and tweaking of home decor, right?

It's not like a bit of black paint would ruin these fabulous blah industrial-looking windows circa 1980s, right?

[Before: Plain ... boring ... blah]

So naked and - I don't know - insubstantial. I'm thinking they need window casings, something to beef them up.

Armed with a brush, tape and paint I set to work. I taped off the glass to make sure I got nice crisp lines and wouldn't have to deal with black paint smudges and runs on frosted glass, roughed up the metal a bit and gave it a quick coat of primer.

[In Progress: First coat on - things are starting to look interesting]

Then I held my breath, through caution to the wind and brushed on some nice deep rich black paint.

I couldn't wait to see what it'd look like all done, tape removed and with the usual zink container with towels back in its place on the window sill keeping fresh towels within an arm's reach of the tub.

[After: Me likey!]

I actually like it! A lot! I'm not sure I'd go as far as painting any window casings black as well, but then again, looking at my first inspiration picture I just might. It's paint after all and changed easily enough. Maybe even tape out some faux mullions to create the look of an 8 over 8 or 6 over 6 window? Ooooohh, the possibilities ....

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